HomeHero Engage mass text messaging on desktop and mobile

HomeHero Engage lets you access what you need in one place.


Simple, effective communication  with your PRN workforce is at your fingertips.


Our technology enables you to send, receive, and manage two-way text message conversations online or on the go. Purpose-built for healthcare settings with an intuitive interface and secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.

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Blast Messaging icon


HomeHero’s Blast Messaging function allows the user to send a single message to multiple staff at a time. Have a last minute shift to fill? Blast it to the entire team and get it filled in no time!

Shared Inbox


The shared inbox allows everyone in the office to stay informed about which messages have been sent and received. 

All conversations are marked with the sender, so users can easily see who sent the message.

Automation Icon


Communicate with staff the way they prefer — texting. HomeHero can text-enable your existing landline business phone number or provide you a new one for you to use.

Increased productivity icon


HomeHero makes it easy to import existing worker contact information into the messaging platform.

Workers are more likely to respond to text than calls, which means your staff spends far less time on the phone.


HomeHero Engage lets staff easily see which shifts are pending, complete, or need attention.

Open Shift Notifications can be sent by text, in-app messaging, or email to your workforce for clear communication from the start.

Users can send and receive messages from their desktop computer, or use a mobile app to communicate with workers from anywhere.


HomeHero currently provides service to 100+ locations, and with better scheduling and coordination, we’ve helped branches increase revenue by ensuring every shift gets filled

Text online from your computer

No more using your personal phone.

Messaging on computer

Shared inbox


Each branch location shares a unique outbound text message number. Shared inbox allows collaboration with your team’s text message conversations. Share inbox drives accountability and allows for any team member to triage conversations.

Appointment Reminders


Setup and automatically send reminders interviews, orientations, or general appointments for staff.

Conversation History


All conversations are stored based on the staff member’s name. No conversations are ever deleted, and are exportable in order to support fighting unemployment claims.

Import Staff Contact


Export your current staff roster from your ERP and easily import your staff contact info into your HomeHero TextEngage app.

Call forwarding


Built-in call forwarding for any outbound number. Forward calls to your on-call or branch line.



Add personality to your conversations with emoji’s. Emulate your personality to connect with your staff.


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