Hiring a home caregiver is a significant decision. Once you have selected the approach that is right for you and your family, there are a few more questions to answer.

Before you hire a caregiver, review this list. Decide what is best for you and your family and then put your plan into action:

Who’s working in my home?

It’s best to know who will be at your home and when they will be there. You should have a clear understanding of who will be there and what the specific tasks he will be doing. Family Directed’s mobile app notifies you when a caregiver clocks in and clocks out.

What’s the best employment status?

Caregivers are considered domestic workers and can be engaged as either a 1099 contractor or hired as an employee. Each of these relationships brings different compliance requirements.

What about background checks?

Before a caregiver starts working for you, you should ensure that he or she has  completed a thorough background check. The background check should include a multi-state and multi-jurisdictional database search, a SSN-trace to verify the individual’s identity, a county database search that covers the past 7 years, a sex-offender database search, an OIG sanctions search, and a motor vehicle records search (if your caregiver will be driving for you).

How do I manage scheduling?

The number of hours someone may require care is largely dependent on their overall health and ability to perform activities of daily living. Some individuals require little more than 1 hour a day, while others need 24 hour care. You must also be ready to work with your caregiver, or caregivers, to develop a schedule, unless you are working with a Home Care Organization.

Can you help with record-keeping?

Even if you already have a great caregiver arrangement, it can be a burden to keep up with all of your Caregiver’s payments and track hours and make payments, as well as daily notes that would be helpful during the next trip to the doctor. You may want to explore a solution that keeps all the information you need in one place, easily accessible anytime, anywhere.

How do I track taxes?

When you hire a caregiver, there are tax reporting and collection requirements. At Family Directed we have partnered closely with our preferred integrated payroll provider LTCFastPay and jointly we advise and handle tax reporting and collections on your behalf.

Is there any insurance?

Accidents happen. We want to make sure that you are protected. There are a handful of insurance options to consider, including worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance. At Family Directed we provide a $1M Professional Liability policy to cover the caregiver match we provide. However, It’s best to always check with a licensed insurance provider before hiring an in-home caregiver to make sure you have the appropriate policies in place.

Family Directed reduces many of the costs associated with arranging in-home care for a loved one and makes paperwork and payment easy.

Families pay less, caregivers earn more and loved ones get the care they need.

Family Directed Home Care Makes It Easier.

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