Earn more with Family Directed Home Care


Earn more with Family Directed Home Care


Meet more clients

You will have more choices when selecting your clients.

Negotiate your rate

There is no agency fee taken out of your check and our tools make it simple for clients to pay you.

You’re in control

You can continue to work with your current clients. There is no obligations when you create a caregiver profile. It will be your choice when a new opportunity comes up.

Family Directed Home Care makes it easy to earn more


Create a profile

Create a profile and include your desired hourly rate. We'll tell you when there are opportunities.

Meet more potential clients

Apply for jobs online and set up interviews.

Congrats, you’re hired!

Fill out paperwork, setup your schedule, and start.

Clock-in from your phone

Manage your schedule and time keeping right from our mobile app.

Our mobile app makes it a lot easier to work directly with a family.

Schedule and shifts

Keep track of where and when in one place.

Time tracking

Our app makes it easy to record time spent with a client.

Automatic clock-in

One less hassle! Use our app to report when you arrive.

Direct deposit

Getting paid is a breeze once your earnings are approved by your clients.
Create a profile

At Family Directed, we require a background check.

To be matched with clients through Family Directed Home Care, you’ll need to successfully pass an industry-standard background check. This is to ensure client safety. It also shows your clients that you are serious about safety.

You don’t have to complete the background check right away. You can set up a free caregiver profile and we’ll contact you when there are job opportunities in your area. When there is a potential client, then you’ll complete the background check.

Create a profile