Talk and treat: Have a conversation with seniors about their Halloween memories

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Caregivers and HalloweenAs a family caregiver or personal care assistant, you likely know how to take care of the physical needs of the person in your care. But do you know how important social interaction is to that person’s emotional (and physical) health?

Socially isolated seniors can become depressed, suffer anxiety, and have trouble sleeping. That means it’s important to engage with them whenever you can. Don’t know what to say to get the conversation rolling?

Talk and treat

Halloween is just around the corner so asking about trick-or-treating memories is a good way to start. Here are a few things you can do to get the conversation rolling:

How did you celebrate Halloween as a kid?

What kind of costumes did kids wear when you were young?

Do you remember one of your own costumes in particular?

What kind of treats did you get as a trick or treater?

What was your favorite candy? What was your least favorite?

(Tip: Google retro candies beforehand so you can help job memories: Bubblegum cigars, Bazooka bubblegum, chic-o-sticks, Sugar Babies and Red Hots, etc.)

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