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Why is it so hard to find in-home caregivers?

By July 11, 2019 March 27th, 2020 No Comments

Home Health Care News recently reported that turnover in home care reached an all-time high of 82%. The article also points out that an estimated 778,000 personal care aids will be needed by 2026. Finding at-home caregivers is even more challenging with competition outside the industry. Amazon (which also owns Whole Foods) has increased their minimum wage to $15 per hour —attracting caregiver talent to a higher paying job.

It’s an uphill challenge finding caregivers, but it can be easier.

With Family Directed’s support services and innovative technology, the path to finding quality caregivers has fewer hurdles.

Cost savings and caregiver earnings

Our system reduces costs of traditional agencies so that you save and your caregivers earn more money. We make it possible to fit any budget and attract higher quality caregivers.

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A good caregiver match will reduce turnover

home care guideYou’re the best person to decide if a caregiver is a good fit for you or a loved one. It will be your decision which caregiver is hired. Partnering with Family Directed will make it easier to find the best caregiver match.

Tell us your needs, the schedule, and your budget. Our care advisors will present profiles of local qualified caregivers that match your requirements. We help connect you, coach you on how to interview, and ultimately take care of all the paperwork once you choose your caregiver.

Easy to manage, better for caregivers

Keeping track of your care plan is simplified with our mobile app. Use Family Directed’s mobile app to manage schedules, review care reports, track caregiver clock-ins and clock-outs, and approve payments.

Family Directed’s caregivers are empowered to do more with our mobile app. Caregivers use the scheduling feature to work with multiple clients so they can earn more. The app also makes it easier for a caregiver to create a care report and keep track of their hours.